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There are scores of empty pages just waiting to be filled with photos and stories of Bravo, Charlie, Foxtrot and Service Batteries 6/27th Artillery Vietnam. If you are a VN 6/27th Vet from any of those batteries and you are interested in contributing photos, stories, etc. to this site, please click here for information on how to do so.  Consider joining your fellow Cannon Kings in making sharing/saving those memories for history.  John Wavra, webmaster

To start, for other Battery Vets, here is a link for you to visit on this website where you will find copies of the 1969 Yearbook pages of the 6/27th Artillery Vietnam for all batteries** as well as copies of some of the Cannon Ears newsletters, also from 1969-70.

6/27thArty Yearbook & Misc. - Here you will find photos etc. from each of the Batterys ***

***(Note, not everyone is in the Yearbook.  If you or a fellow vet worked at night and slept in the mornings and/or were not notified of the day the South Korean company was in your battery taking photos, you/he probably is not in it).




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