A Meeting With A Mine
Photos and Story by
Ken Wright

These four pictures of my Charlie Battery 6/27th Artillery gun are from May 11th or 12th 1970 when we hit a land mine leaving FSB Jake after a short Turkey Shoot.

One of our maintenance men was riding just above where the wheels were blown off, and it blew him off the gun and he had to be medevaced out due to an injured back. Unfortunately, because of the clouds of thirty seven years I don't remember his name or the outcome of his  injuries.

We had to turn the gun around and tow it backwards with our other gun. We were 175's at the time and our barrel would have hit the other gun towing us.

Obviously it was very slow going which made us a BIG, SLOW, TARGET but, we made it to our destination without another incident.


Ken Wright  Then  and   Now
April 1970 - March 1971
Charlie Battery 6/27th Artillery


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