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Remains of man killed in Vietnam to be buried

(Elmira, NY) An Ashland [New York] man who was killed in Vietnam and whose remains were recovered in 2004 will be buried in his family's plot in the Northern Tier on Saturday, Armed Services Day.  Air Force Maj. Robert Harry Schuler Jr. of Ashland was declared missing in action on Oct. 15, 1965, when the F-105 Thunderchief he was flying was shot down over North Vietnam.  Star/Gazzete.Com

Vietnamese to Celebrate Ho's 115th Birthday

Check out the photo slide-show "Remembering the Vietnam War" at Yahoo News

Four names added to Vietnam memorial   WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Visitors crowded around a work crew at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Friday as a new name was inscribed on the black granite wall.  CNN.Com

Picture power: Vietnam napalm attack
Vietnamese photographer Nick Ut describes the day in June 1972 when he photographed a nine-year-old girl, Kim Phuc, fleeing her village after a napalm attack - a picture that won him a Pulitzer prize.

Vietnam Vet, Journalist Hackworth Dies

HARTFORD, Conn. - Retired Army Col. David Hackworth, a highly decorated Vietnam veteran who spoke out against the war and later became a journalist and advocate for military reform, has died, his wife said Thursday. He was 74.  Read at:  Yahoo News

Vietnam's PM To Visit Washington  (AP) Vietnam's prime minister announced on Thursday that he plans to become the communist country's highest-ranking leader to visit the United States since the Vietnam War ended 30 years ago. Read at:  CBS

Lessons we've learned - or should have - in Vietnam   WASHINGTON - This week marks the 30th anniversary of America's ignominious withdrawal from Vietnam in helicopters from the roof of the American Embassy in Saigon. The South Vietnamese capital, soon to be renamed Ho Chi Minh City, fell to Communist forces on April 30, 1975. President Ford proclaimed the end of the war on May 7. Not since the Civil War 100 years before had the country been so divided. What lessons have we learned, or should we have learned, from the Vietnam experience?  Read at:  The Christian Science Monitor on Yahoo News

Vietnam veterans find a new role   
Many want today's troops to get support they never got themselves

By Steve Johnson
Reporter - MSNBC
An interesting story on MSNBC's website marking the 30th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon with photos and videos along with this interesting story.  Here's the link:  It's worth your time. 
(Many thanks to Les Higa for alerting us of this story)

War, Remembrance and Rebuilding in Vietnam - A weeklong series on aired on National Public Radio examines the conflict's legacy on the Southeast Asian nation -- the progress since 1975 and the scars left behind. At this NPR site you can listen to the eight reports aired this week.  Here's the link:

Vietnam vet spits in Fonda's face 

    KANSAS CITY, Mo (AP) April 21, 2004.  A man spit tobacco juice into the face of Jane Fonda after waiting in line to have her sign her new memoir.
    Capt. Rich Lockhart of the Kansas City Police Department said Michael A. Smith, 54, was arrested Tuesday night on a municipal charge of disorderly conduct.  He was released on bond and is to appear in court May 27.
    Fonda covers a wide range of topics in "My Life So Far," including her 1972 visit to Hanoi to protest the Vietnam War.
    Smith, a Vietnam veteran told the Kansas City Star Wednesday that Fonda was a "traitor" and that her protests against the Vietnam War were unforgivable.
     "I consider it a debt of honor," he said.  "She spit in our faces for 37 years....There are a lot of veterans who would love to do what I did."


Click Here for story on Yahoo News

A new book has been published -  "Vietnam Chronicles:  The Abrams Tapes" (Transcribed and edited by Lewis Sorley, Texas Tech University Press, 917 pages, $60.00). Were we really winning the war in Vietnam when the decision to pull out was made?  Was this a case of   "Where Myth Trumped Truth"?  This new book consists primarily of declassified transcriptions of the weekly intelligence updates at MACV dominated by General Creighton Abrams.  Read James Schlesinger's review, (Need Adobe Acrobat Reader) reprinted here from The Wall Street Journal, March 18, 2005, and then pick up a copy and draw your own conclusions.  You comments are welcome in the the site Bulletin Board.

Loose your dog-tags in Nam?  This Illinois couple may have them!  Check it out:

"Homecoming events are set, finally, for Vietnam veterans" - An article from the Associated Press printed in the Omaha World Herald, Sunday, January 9, 2005.

"Direct flights to Vietnam to resume After 29 year absence"  Article courtesy Reed McDonald from The Napa Register,  dated 12-08-04, Napa, California and Associated Press

Vietnam/Iraq War Veteran Sees a Changed Army - An interesting article from the LA Times reprinted in the Omaha World Herald, Sunday, 12-05-04

"...the World Bank estimates average household expenditures in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are nearly eight times as high as in rural areas."  From The Wall Street Journal - "Urban Vietnamese Get Rich Quick".

"My philosophy is, if anything happens, it's gonna happen.  Like we said in Vietnam, 'It ain't nothing but a thing.' " says Staff Sgt Carlys Peters in an interesting newspaper article that originally appeared in the L.A. Times, (repreinted in the Omaha World Herald), entitled "Iraq nothing like Vietnam, and that's good, vets say".  Read what some of today's soldiers see as the differences between the two wars.

"Vietnam remains the only war that America can't quit fighting"  A newspaper column by David M. Shribman, reprinted in the Omaha World Herald 5-14-04

 Iraq Through Vietnam Eyes - Newspaper article from New York Times reprinted in Omaha World Herald Wednesday, 5-5-04

Vietnamese Offer Americans a Friendly Suggestion - Newspaper article clipping from Night Ridder Newspaper article in Omaha World Herald Tuesday, 4-27-04

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