Phouc Vinh Unit Locations - 1967

Courtesy Don "Sgt Snuffy" Smith


Phuoc Vinh            
Grid Zone Designator 48P            
XT89-99, 44-72            
YT00-18, 44-72            
LZ, FSB, etc           Grid Coordinates
A-312 - 5th SF Camp - Cao Bien       1965   XT974497
Base Area 359   VC/NVA       YT010500 to YT230580
          to YT365485 to YT300260
          to YT120260 to YT030240
          to XT910350 to XT900380
          to XT910420 to XT980450
Camp Gorvad   1st Cav       XT966492
Named in honor of LTC Peter L. Gorvad CO 2/12th Cav, 1st Cav Div KIA 8 Mar 1969            
Camp Gorvad   1st Cav       XT966496
Camp Gorvad   A 2/19th Arty     XT966492
FSB Karen           YT004563
FSB Katie   1/12th Cav     YT125495
Opened 26 Nov 1971 - Closed 9 Dec 1971            
FSB Remagen I   1st Cav       YT003563
FSB Remagen 4   1st ID       YT058677
Established 24 Jan 1969            
FSB Remagen V           YT047660
LZ Foxtrot           XT972623
LZ Vic   1st Cav       YT024618
MACV Compound           XT939458
Nuoc Vang Special Froces Camp           XT995510
Phuoc Vinh   A 2/19th Arty     XT966492
Phuoc Vinh   C 6/27th Arty     XT960514
Phuoc Vinh Base Camp           XT963494
Route 1A from Ben Cat (XT74-33) to Phuoc Vinh (XT969490)            
Song Be Bridge           XT925442


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