An Loc Unit Locations - 1967

Courtesy Don "Sgt Snuffy" Smith


An Loc              
Grid Zone Designator 48P              
XT63-90, 71-99              
LZ, FSB, etc           Grid Coordinates
An Loc           XT78-99  
B-33 - 5th SF Camp - Hon Quan       1965   XT758879  
Cam Le Bridge           XT722973  
Dragoon Bridge           XT765729  
Fish Hook vicinity           XT685845  
French Hospital           XT798897  
FSPB An Loc (FSPB "B")       3rd Bde, 1st ID XT758873  
FSB Allons I           XT721985  
FSB Aspen   11th ACR       XT740800  
FSB Aspen I   1st ID       XT748802  
FSB Aspen II   1st ID       XT748834  
FSB Bishop   A 71/st Arty       XT758902  
FSB Burbank   1st Cav       XT720850  
FSB Dominate   1st ID       XT707771  
FSB Dutchman   7/9th Arty       XT735817  
FSB Early   1/8th Arty       XT730955  
FSB Hartman   1st ID       XT759739  
FSB Lawton   1st Cav       XT695928  
FSB Pulaski           XT739984  
FSB Pike   1/8th Arty       XT733944  
FSB Pike II   1/8th Arty       XT70-93  
FSB Pike IV   1/8th Arty       XT731942  
FSB Pike VI   1/8th Arty       XT735940  
FSB Sidewinder   11th ACR       XT745818  
FSB Thunder IV   8/6th Arty       XT782555  
FSB Thunder VI           XT760793  
FSB Thunder VII    1/18th Inf       XT766732  
FSB Thunder VIII   B 1/18th Inf       XT763762  
FSPB Bishop   C 2/40th Arty     XT75-90  
FSPB Caisson VI           XT745817  
FSPB Caisson VII           XT764894  
FSPB Danford   7/11th Arty       XS77-98  
FSPB Dutchman (FSPB "W") - An Loc       3rd Bde, 1st ID XT731817  
Highway 13 from XT762907 to XU743073              
Hon Quan           XT760885  
LZ Andy - Quan Loi   1st Cav       XT820910   
LZ Eagle I   1st Cav       XT703927  
LZ Eagle III   1st Cav       XT746928  
LZ Max   1/16th Inf       XT700755  
LZ May   1st ID       XT700755  
LZ Sam   1/2nd Inf       XT714767  
LZ Shirley   1st Cav       XT763891  
Minh Duc RF Post           XT720820  
Old US FOB           XT977789  
Quan Loi   7/9th Arty       XT821906  
Quan Loi   6/27th Arty       XT819908  
Red Ball           XT870900  
Road out of Plantation vicinity           XT782918  
Rocket Belt vicinity           XT845915  
Rubber Plantation           XT685845  
Tan Thon Thut           XT734990  
Terre Rouge Plantation vicinity           XT782918  
Thunder IV   1st Cav       XT764746  
Thunder IX   1st ID       XT767786  
Thunder V   8/6th FA       XT765798  
Thunder VI   8/6th FA       XT745821  
Thunder VII   1st ID       XT767733  
Thunder VIII   1st ID       XT764764  
Thunder VIII           XT763762  
Thunder VIII           XT767730  
Thunder X   1st ID       XT744819  
Thunder XI   1st ID       XT763891  


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