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 Premier Nguyen Ky Visits Gio Linh
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It's Spring, 1967 and Delta Battery 2/94th Artillery, (Actually Bravo Battery 6/27th Artillery, "The Bastard Battery", is attached to 2/94th Artillery), gets a visit from Premier Nguyen Cao Ky at Gio Linh in I Corps near the DMZ.  Premier Cao Ky, on the left, is accompanied by Executive Officer Lt. Charles F. Lincoln in the middle and Battery Commander CPT John H. Hiser, 3rd from left, to inspect the Battery.  Charles Lincoln, who contributed this photo, writes: " We were firing into North Vietnam at that time and Mr. Ky refused to pull the lanyard because he said it would be an invasion of the North by the South so we did it for him. 'Hello Charlie from Premier Ky' was on the round, as I remember."  

Wounded in late May 1967 Charles notes:  "I joined the battery in Aug 66, I believe.  We were stationed a Phouc Vinh with the Big Red One. The command of one battery was merged with the forming battery of another B. We marched south to Saigon where we put our equipment on ships and went North. Eventually we arrived at  U.S. Marine controlled Camp J. J. Carroll, the first Army unit in I Corp Area.  We were directly under the command of the Marines until the 2/94 arrived.  We became the 'bastard battery' and many things happened after that.  I was, in fact wounded at Gio Linh.  I spent about 2 weeks on a hospital ship, was medevaced to the US for about five months at Walter Reed Hospital in D.C. and finished my career at Ft. Bragg N. C.

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