The war in Vietnam continued to rage and time passed slowly for those of us at home who were concerned about our loved ones fighting there. For almost a year, our son, Gary, had been in Quan Loi, South Viet Nam attached to a unit as an artillery gunner.

Each day, I mailed him a letter and weekly we sent boxes of food which we called “care packages”. I often included an item typical of the season, a holiday or a birthday. Near Easter, I sent a little yellow chicken, which was only a wad of cotton with legs, eyes and a beak.

In January, 1970, Gary came home and I was surprised at how he enjoyed walking in the snow. I watched as he unpacked his small bag and saw him take out a small yellow bit of fluff. It was the Easter emblem that I had sent.

Tears were near, as with gratitude and relief, the thought ran through my mind, “The chick has come home”.
Nona E. Graham    Then  and   Now (86 Years Young)


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