For Brupbacher
By Roger Mallory 6/10/69

Late one night as we were sitting around,
Thinking of home, in came a round.
The siren screamed and a cry was heard,
"Help me oh God" were his last words.

We grabbed our rifles and were ready to fight,
I'll never forget that dreadful night.
On that bunker were three brave men,
One of whom met his end.

Two brave men were left to fight,
On that dark cold rainy night.
The rockets were bursting all around,
Men taking cover on the ground.

As we heard the news on that dreadful night,
Each man asked, My God why".
But through the dark of the early morn,
Among those men an idea was born.

If this one man can die for a land to be free,
Then what's the difference between him and me.
The pride we hold in this one man reigns throughout Vietnam.
The men, who from this battery leave,
Will always remember his humble deed.


Roger Mallory wrote this poem on June 10, 1969 in memory of fellow HHB comrade, Robert Michael Brupbacher, killed by a rocket propelled grenade during a ground attack on Quan Loi, June 6, 1969.  Roger mailed the poem to his parents on June 14, 1969.  Roger's father recently gave Roger all his letters from Vietnam he and his late wife had saved.

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