W. Berry Watson

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Berry Served with Alpha Battery 6/27th Artillery Vietnam
May 1970 to Jul 1971
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W. Berry Watson was born on May 16, 1946 in Laurel, Mississippi and grew up in Thibodaux, Louisiana.  He retired as Credit Manager from Coca Cola in Atlanta. 

He is survived by his daughter, Holly Watson and two granddaughters.  He was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer in November 2015 and passed away on February 3, 2016.
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We lost another extraordinary guy again the other night. Berry Watson passed away after a battle with cancer.

Thanks to Berry, I know how to spell and pronounce “Thibodaux” and how to locate it (it’s in Louisiana). Thanks to Berry, my vocabulary includes some of the coolest profane phrases ever. I can’t print them here, but I’ll use them at the next reunion – Nancy thinks they’re cool, too. And we will never forget when he visited our apartment in Houston after we were home with a foam cooler full of crawfish.

No surprise that he was a very accomplished poker player. Calm was his primary mood. I remember him calmly showing some artillery genius from Battalion how to do short cuts on FADAC. This was the guy who came out to check our proficiency on FADAC. Berry was a smart guy who didn’t need to advertise he was a smart guy.

Fortunately he made it to four of the six reunions, the last in 2014……..a lesson for all of us to remain in touch. I find these reunions take on more meaning as the years pass and I’m glad I got to see Berry one last time.

RIP Berry

Scott Krueger

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