George W. Bentley 2016
Some of us met George Bentley for the first time at the 6/27th Artillery Vietnam 2016 Reunion in Branson, MO.  He was not the kind of guy you easily forgot.  Seemed like he always had a smile on his face and he was certainly the most outgoing member of his beloved F Battery 16th Artillery who attended the reunion for their first time.
It was George that I began working with several months before the September 2016  Reunion.  Once he found the 6/27th Arty website and realized  we were holding a reunion, he was all-in for getting as many 16th Arty guys to attend.  We communicated frequently, exchanging names of F Battery guys for George to contact and to be added to the mailing list. 
F Battery 16th Artillery in 1969 was a 155mm howitzer battery attached to the 6/27th Artillery.  Officially they were designated Delta Battery 6/27th Arty under official Army records.  Cannon Kings of the 6/27th welcomed the guys of F Battery 16th Arty to the 2016 Reunion and let those men attending know that we considered them comrades in arms and that they would always be welcome attendees at our reunions.
As plans were being made to choose a location for the 2018 Reunion George and I exchanged messages starting early this month.  George was happy he had discovered the names of two additional F Battery vets and he was anxious to contact them about attending the reunion.  George was looking forward to joining everyone for the 2018 Reunion.  We are saddened at his passing. He will be missed at this reunion in Branson and future reunions. 
Rest in Peace Brother George.
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Remembrances and Memories

Nancy and I attended George Bentley's funeral.  The funeral home was jammed with George's friends and family and in one room George's flag draped coffin was displayed.  On top of the coffin was a can of Miller High Life. That was the George we came to love in the 18 months that we knew him.  

George was our friend, a fellow Vet, and our realtor.  He was part of F Battery, who attended our first joint reunion in 2016.  His sarcasm made him an instant hit with Nancy and me and all the 6/27th Vets he came in contact with.   

Nancy and I have moved all over the US and probably used 14 realtors.  NONE of them were like George. On one of our many trips around New Hampshire, George asked Nancy if she would like a bottle of water.  He directed her to a foam cooler in the back seat.  There was one bottle of water in the cooler, along with a 12 pack of Miller in cans.  The house hunting got more fun and interesting. 

At closing, we did all the necessary paperwork at the lawyer's office and then retired to a bar next door for more Millers.  Then we slogged down the road to an antique clock shop where George gifted us a beautiful antique clock. 

At our lunches and during our car rides we discussed the war extensively.  We both have the enlisted man's view of the war.  Not all that happy.  What always came through was the unwavering loyalty to other Vietnam Vets and our place in life.  We will miss George at the next reunion; he was very much an authentic part of us. 

Scott and Nancy Krueger

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