David Lawrence Bedard

I learned recently of the passing of David Bedard, author of “I Remember Quan Loi: Annus Horribilis (The Horrible Year)” from his friend and fellow soldier, Greg Swindle.

David contacted me shortly after the publication of his book back in 2011 and we struck up an email friendship.  I envied David for beating me to the punch in writing of my own thirteen month account in Quan Loi, South Vietnam – not that I seriously had planned to ever write about it.

If some of you remember, I recommended David’s book to you for a fine first-hand account of his experiences in Quan Loi in 1969 while he served with the 1st Calvary Meteorology Section, a valuable asset to the accuracy of our 175 and 8 inch guns.  His unit was located just to the north of our firing battery near the 1st Cav laundry.

Like many of us David could not ever forget his time in Quan Loi.  He wrote in his book:

“I wish that I could forget it. God knows that I have tried, but I cannot shake those memories both at home and abroad.  Quan Loi and America of that era are forever attached to my mind…”

Thank you David for putting down in words the feelings many of us share about our time in Vietnam and especially in Quan Loi.  Rest in Peace Friend.     JWavra

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