What Did Don Albers See?

I was with A Battery from February, 1969 until June as Executive Officer and again from November until May, 1970 as Battery Commander.  In thinking back, I believe we were successful in completing our mission because of the nice mix of experience from men like First Sergeant Jefferson and LTC Leonard Reed combined with a talented group of young men from all walks of life.  John Wavra ran the administration, Reed McDonald, Gary Graham and others the Fire Direction Center, and Mike, Executive Office, with a talented group of young NCO's and their crews manning the guns.  We even had a mechanic from Brooklyn to keep all the vehicles running well.  Everyone contributed significantly such as the time when Willie Sutton remembered the hydraulic fluid which kept his gun running on a road march until we could get it fixed later at the fire support base.  I have fond memories of all and thank them some forty years later for their many contributions.

Don Albers  Alpha Btry 6/27th Artillery    Then (Above)  and  Now

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