Gun #3 traveling thru Loc Ninh or the way to Bu Dop, 18 OCT 70

In looking at some of the pages there appeared to be some question when A Battery moved from FSB WADE (Loc Ninh) to FSB GLORIA (Bu Dop) in 1970.

The gun sections got the "official" word of the move on 16 OCT 70 that the move would take place the next day. (I had been told of it three days earlier by the kids in the trash dump.)

The move did not take place on 17 OCT 70 as was planned.  The actual move occurred 18-19 OCT 70. We ended up hunkering down for the night on the 18th alongside the road with a Vietnamese Armored Cav unit.

[Photo Narration Courtesy Robert Gately - ABtry Jun70 - May71]


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