Operation Toledo
Photos & Memories of John Girardeau

The 6/27 FA was very involved in Operation Toledo (10 Aug – 7 Sep 66). The 173rd Airborne Brigade, 2nd Battalion, 18th Infantry Regiment, BLT 1st Battalion, 26th Marines, 1st Australian Task Force and ARVN 33rd and 35th Ranger Battalions all participated in a multi-battalion search and destroy operation in the May Tao Secret Zone in Long Khánh, Binh Tuy and Phước Tuy Provinces. The deserted headquarters area for the 5th VC Division was located and destroyed along with vast amounts of supplies.  Source:Wikepedia.

We had two Forward Observers and two Recon Sergeants on the ground and Charlie Battery provided reinforcing fires for the 173rd's direct support artillery. 

The four participants from 6/27 included me, John Girardeau,  1LT Juan "Chi Chi" Rodriguez (a.k.a. "The Mayor of Juarez"), and two enlisted guys whose names I cannot remember. I was the forward observer/fire support coordinator with the 35th Bn and Chi Chi was with the 33rd Bn. Chi Chi and I each had a recon Sgt Assistant.

The 175mm H&I fires that contributed to the mutiny of the 33rd Ranger Battalion were ones I had requested from Charlie Battery.  We artillery types were not very welcome for a while until every body settled down!! (see page 17 of the Operation Toledo article:

"Operation Toledo"  - Class Paper
 by CPT John K. Thomas
Provided Courtesy of Ft. Benning Library
Donovan Research Library - Donovan Papers Collection


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 Vietnam War, Operation Toledo
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