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Happy New Year

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Dear troops on the communist ranks:

The Spring in the Year of the Dog returns for all the Vietnamese, in the North as well as the South. Every family are prepared to greet the Spring in a feisty atmosphere according our people's ancient customs. How about you ? There is a saying that "A child with a father is like a house with a roof." Regardless of how merry the Tet celebration is, without the presence of the father, the family's happiness is incomplete. The family bond of the Vietnamese cannot be easily overcome/disregarded/overlooked.

With Tet's festivities, please take your time to really think and ask yourself how many springs you have been away from home ! Does your sacrifice have any meaning, is it worthwhile ? How many lonesome springs have your wife, your children, and your parents had to suffer ! Once your patriotism has been abused by the communists, the only reasonable thing left for you to do is to return to the true Nation, People, and Family, so that you can have again the opportunity to fulfill the duty of a son, a father and a husband.

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