Side A


Left side: I have returned to the righteous cause
(Junior) colonel Tran van dac

Right side: I have returned to the righteous cause
Lieutenant Colonel Huynh Cu

Bottom: CHIEU HOI (rally to the government side) IS THE PATH OF LIFE/SURVIVAL

  Side B



In the directive no. 1/4 dated April 2 1968 sent to units of "the People's Liberation Armed Force," the Central Office of South Vietnam (COSVN) has ordered commanders to engage in large battles to support the negotiation in Paris even at the cost of heavy casualties. For that reason, you have seen in the past days the pitiless death of many of your comrades.
Can you and your comrades triumph in enslaving South Vietnam ? Certainly not. Because you are not on the side of the righteous cause, your real strength is too weak to be compared to the ARVN and Allied Troops, and esp. the bureaucratic commandism and pie-in-the-sky approach of the party leadership and government in the North has led you to many failures.
You are being used as sacrificial lambs by the Worker party leadership to serve the interests of the Party. Think, dear friends ! Many of your high-leveled leaders have rallied to the side of the South Vietnamese people. Why do you wait any longer instead of following their examples ?

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