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Before the exceptional maturity of the ARVN and the strength of the anticommunist resistance of all of the Free South Vietnamese, you have no hope for any victory on the battlefields. For that reason, all the sacrifices at this time will only be personal loss to you and your family.
You can choose the path of surrender and will enjoy a peaceful life in specially set-up camp, be treated decently with lodging, food, and medicine… The Republic government of South Vietnam pledges to welcome you according to our humanitarian policy.
Below are pictures of those who surrendered in camps in Pleiku. They are listening [to the recorder playing back their own voices.]

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Top photograph & Caption:
The above picture is a group of surrendering North Vietnamese regulars
playing in the RVN's camp.

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to the recorder playing back their own voices. Their happy and pleasant attitude demonstrates a part of the fine and humane treatment in the RVN's camps.

Bottom caption:
You should no longer prolong your own suffering which only leads to a
meaningless death. Whenever there is an opportunity or even in the middle
of fighting, drop your weapon and give up. You will be treated with
decency. When peace returns, you will have the chance to come back to
your home village if you wish.

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