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The 6/27th Artillery - Cannon King Online New Roster is an online list of visitors to this website.  It contains  the names, email addresses, phone numbers, Vietnam units etc. of site visitors who have submitted this information and thereby grant permission to be included in the published Roster.  Upon receipt of your Sign-up Form and after verification, a username and password will be sent to you via email within approximately forty-eight hours from the webmaster which will allow you to view the online Roster. 

You must agree to be listed in the roster and submit all requested information in order to receive a password to view the Roster.  This web site is not responsible for the correctness or use of any information submitted.

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Please Note:  You must enter all requested information - when complete, click "Submit" button.  Upon receipt and verification of your information you will be sent via email a password to access the Roster.  Please keep a copy of this information for future use.

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Please Note!  You must first Sign-up for the Roster
and obtain a
password before you can view the Roster.

For those listed in the Roster you can obtain the new username and password by simply sending us request.  You must give us your name and you must have been listed in the previous online roster - Please advise us of any changes in your email address or personal information listed in the Roster so we may keep it up-to-date.

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PLEASE NOTE:  Due to a change in our web providers services the previous roster was removed from our website.  Fortunately, we had a backup of your entries.  We did have to go looking for a new system for the roster.  This entailed a change in the sign-up form as well as the roster itself.  It also required a change in how you access the roster.  A username and password will now be needed.

If you were listed in the original Roster and would like to access the new online roster please email us for a username and password.  If you were not listed in the original roster and would like to access the new roster you will need to use the "Sign-up" link above and complete the online form.  Once submitted you will receive an email with a username and password - usually within 48 hours.

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