SP5 Larry Thomas' 1969 Quan Loi, Vietnam Video

Larry W. Thomas enlisted in the U.S. Army in Minnesota in February, 1966. He took his Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO and his AIT at Fort Sill, OK with an MOS of 13E20, a Cannon Fire Direction Specialist.

After AIT he spent 18 months with Little John Missile Battalion in Okinawa, Japan with two training trips to Korea for one month each.

Upon return to the States, with the war in Vietnam ramping up, he soon received orders to Vietnam where he joined F Battery 16th Artillery where he served as Fire Direction Chief, from Sep 68 to Sep 69. One month before shipping out to Vietnam he married his wife Kathy in August 1968. He and Kathy have a daughter and a son. They currently have four grandchildren.

While in Vietnam Larry purchased an 8 mm movie camera from the PX shortly before leaving country, with the idea he would be able to film his infant son when he arrived home. He states he had the camera for only a few days in Vietnam. He made just this one video of Quan Loi Base Camp and F Battery while in Vietnam.

Upon return to the World he started working as a draftsman for St Louis Conveyor Company where he stayed for the next forty years.  While there he worked his way up as Project Manager to finally, Director of Engineering. He retired in 2010.

Larry enjoys fishing, rafting, hiking, football (he is a Minnesota Vikings fan). He is a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago White Sox. He has vacationed in Alaska as well as made trips to visit his children and grandchildren.

Although Larry’s video is short, it does give you a good image of Quan Loi, especially Larry’s 155 mm towed howitzer battery.

Many thanks, Larry, for sharing your video with the website.
Larry W. Thomas  Then and Now
F Battery 16th Artillery
Sep 68 to Sep 69




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