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My name is Bill Wynne and I was in Battery F, 16th Artillery from Nov. 68 to Nov. 69.  I arrived in country on 15 Nov 1968. Remained at the replacement depo for a couple of days for processing and then I was off to the 23rd Arty Group. I met with Col DeArment and was assigned to A Btry 2nd Bn 11th Arty. The battery was re-designated some time later as F Btry 16th Arty and assigned to the 6/27th Artillery.  I was with F Btry my entire tour.  I flew into Phouc Vinh, I think.  I met with LTC Bullock and the two Majors Zimmerman. Stayed there a few days and then I was off to the firing battery at LZ JAKE - (See Map at  I was there for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then we moved to Quan Loi, don't remember the date. Also made other stops before coming home.

I left RVN around 28 Oct 1969. I attended Jungle School for two weeks, prior to going to RVN, and that time counted against my 12 month tour.  We moved around III Corps a lot, on various missions, and shot for the 1st Cav, mostly. I have not heard from anyone in my unit in 40 years.  Several months ago I had some of my Army 35mm slides made into prints and digitized.  Here are some pics of F Btry 16th Arty I thought you would like to see  Many are of Quan Loi and some are of more remote firebases in III Corps RVN.  I didn't get a camera until the battery moved from LZ Jake to Quan Loi. It has been an ongoing project of mine to organize, identify and print many of the slides that I have. So here are a few of them.

Bill Wynne   Then  and  Now     
Attached to 6/27th Artillery
Nov 1968 to Nov 1969

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