2021 Reunion Survey 6/27th Artillery Vietnam Results
Last Name, First Name Home City: State: 6/27th Arty VN Btry VN Service Dates Will you Attend? Spouse or a guest attend ? Total number in your party?
Wavra, John Omaha NE Alpha May 69 to Jun 70 Yes Yes Two Total
Schritter Dennis Pocitello Idaho F Btry 16th Artillery Jun 69 to Sep 70 Yes Yes Two Total
Willis, Buddy Duncan Oklahoma Alpha Nov 66 - Nov 67 Yes Yes Two Total 
Liegeot James Altamont NY Service Mar 67 to Oct 67 No No I Will Not Attend
Vehe Thomas Pullman MI Alpha May 67 to July 67 No No I Will Not Attend
Willingham, David YukoN Oklahoma Charlie Sep 68 to Sep 69 Yes Yes Two Total
Rogelio (Roy) Maldonado Irving Texas Alpha Jan 68-Feb 60 Yes Yes Two Total 
Higa, Lester Honolulu Hawaii Alpha Apr 70 to Jun 71 Yes No One Total - Just Me
Norwood Craig Milford Michigan Alpha 1969 to 1971 No No I Will Not Attend
Constantine Ralph LasVegas Nevada HHB July 69 to July 70 No No I Will Not Attend
Nelson, Carl Waupaca WI Alpha September 68-69 Yes No One Total - Just Me
Williams Mario Sublette Kansas Alpha Feb69toFeb70 Yes Yes Two Total
Johnson Oklahoma City Oklahoma Service Jan 68 to Aug 69 Yes Yes Two Total
Wilson Tommy Hilliard Florida Charlie Dec 69 Dec 70 No Yes I Will Not Attend
Hynes, Thomas Tamarac, Fl Fl HHB Sep 70 to Jul 71 No No I Will Not Attend
Prorok, Ken Chetek Wisconsin Alpha Feb 67 to May 68 Yes Yes Two Total
Mallory Roger Maroa Illinois HHB Jan69 to Feb70 Yes No One Total - Just Me
Pinkman Ronald Willard Mo Alpha Feb 69 To Feb 70 Yes No One Total - Just Me
Maclaga,Jan Greenville NC Alpha March 69 May 70 No No I Will Not Attend
Atkins, Thomas (Tom) Fort Mill SC Alpha Jan 69 to Sep 69 Yes Yes Two Total
Smith , Robert Evarts Kentucky Alpha Sep68 to Aug69 Yes Yes Two Total
Wynne, William Covington Louisiana F Btry 16th Artillery Nov 68 to Nov 69 No No I Will Not Attend
Welker, Terry PALM COAST FL Alpha Jul 70 to Oct 71 No No I Will Not Attend
Parins Kenneth Milwaukee Wisconsin Alpha Oct.68 - Dec.69 Yes Yes Two Total 
Nehring Clifford North Fond du lac WI Bravo Sep 65 to Mar 66 Yes Yes Two Total
stephen burrell Rochester NY HHB 1965 to 1966 No No I Will Not Attend
Watkins Tom Mc Cordsville Indidan Alpha May 67 to May 68 Yes Yes Two Total
Clark, Gary Cochranton Pa. Charlie Aug 68 to Nov 69 No No I Will Not Attend
Rios Jr. Domingo Grand Prairie Texas Alpha Sep. 69 to Aug. 70 Yes Yes Two Total 
Agne , Curt swansea il HHB Sep 67 to Sep 68 Yes Yes Two Total 
King, Paul Winston Salem NC Charlie Aug 70 to Nov 71 No No I Will Not Attend
Heisler, Jon Brownsville TX Alpha Mar 69 to Jun 70 Yes Yes Two Total
George Schulz Lake Forest IL F Btry 16th Artillery Apr 69 to May 70 Yes Yes Two Total
Ssuessmann, James Hewitt New Jersey Charlie June 70 to May 71 Yes Yes Two Total
Kerstiens Robert (Bob) Red Bluff Calif Alpha Jan 69 to Mar 70 Yes Yes Two Total
Dees, Bruce Tuttle Oklahoma Charlie July 70 to July 71 Yes Yes Two Total
See, Frederick Gallatin Tennessee HHB Mar67 to Apr68 Yes No One Total - Just Me
Roznowski, Willaim Burr Ridge IL Alpha Jun 69 to Jun 70 No No I Will Not Attend
Holden, Charles Duke Florence SC Charlie Jan 70 to Aug 71 Yes Yes Four Total
Owens, George Columbus NC HHB Mar 68 to Jul 69 Yes Yes Two Total
Weehunt, Dennis Aurora OR Service Jul71 to Mar72 Yes Yes Two Totral
          28 Total Vets   53 Total



I am interested in your comments! Wavra, John
Come on make it interesting, How about Sun Valley or Yellowstone park. Schritter Dennis
  Willis, Buddy
Would love to attend one of these reunions, however getting to Branson is too
 long a drive and far too expensive for me to afford. Was so hoping last year’s
 vote would go for D.C. but I completely understand majority rules. I will pray for
 all of you daily during the reunion
Liegeot James
It dom't matter what I say cos you will always do something else! Vehe Thomas
  Willingham, David
  Rogelio (Roy) Maldonado
Nothing to comment on at this time. Higa, Lester
maybe 2022 Norwood Craig
  Constantine Ralph
I plan to attend. Hope we can hold the reunion!!! Nelson, Carl
I plan to go if held unless something happens. Williams Mario
Have it in St Augustine Florida Wilson Tommy
  Hynes, Thomas
Looking forward to see everyone Prorok, Ken
  Mallory Roger
I think we should hold the reunion because we are getting older and fewer of
will not be able to attend.
Pinkman Ronald
Thanks John Maclaga,Jan
Looking forward to the gathering. Thank you, John, for your terrific coordination. Atkins, Thomas (Tom)
Looking forward to being with all the other Cannon Kings ! I’ve had my COVID
 shots . I hope all are well and able to attend . Sharon and I love all of you .
Smith , Robert
  Wynne, William
still not confident on covid Welker, Terry
  Parins Kenneth
I wrote the dates down when first suggested. Am now 75+ and looking forward
 to at least 1 more time.
Nehring Clifford

would like another location.
stephen burrell
do everything the same as before Watkins Tom
With all this flue BS going on it would be hard to have an enjoyable get together
 like our last reunion. Hopefully if we held off another year we could have a
 normal reunion. With the great job you do organizing these reunions John I
 don`t want to have to do anything ,like wearing a mast ,that would detract from
 the fun we always have. Thank you for all the work you do running this site.
 Sincerely Gary Clark
Clark, Gary
We need to hug and pray together after all that’s happened. Rios Jr. Domingo
  Agne , Curt
Would like to come to my first one, but because of COVID not sure. Would have
 to fly, too far to drive. Not sure about getting on planes now, no fresh air on
 them. May be risky, depending on how things are in August.
King, Paul
You always do a wonderful job and we appreciate your ongoing gift to us! Heisler, Jon
2018 was my first which we both enjoyed. Looking forward again. George Schulz
John, As a suggestion, would it be possible to have a breakout dinner for each
 battery. When I attended the reunion a few years ago, it was perfectly run
 (my kudos to you and your staff). I would like to have a bit of time together with
 the Charlie Battery alumni who I served with and also for the Charlie Battery
 alumni that were there before me (I would think that these guys would also like
 to "hang out" with their fellow battery brothers who they served with. I personally
 would like to hear what went on before I got to the battery, etc. This is just a
suggestion. I would also make myself available to assist you if I can. Be safe.
 Conjuncti Stamus. Jim S.
Ssuessmann, James

Should we vote on another location if time permits?
Kerstiens Robert (Bob)
Looking forward to see everyone again. Thanks again John for all your efforts
 to organizing these reunions.
Dees, Bruce
I am looking forward to attending. See, Frederick
Little to soon for us to be part of a large group would rather wait another yea
r for a reunion when everyone should be healthy
Roznowski, Willaim
you do an outstanding job john! Holden, Charles Duke
Owens, George
  Weehunt, Dennis      

Note:  Eddie Allen emailed he had trouble with the survey form, but he does not intend to attend.