I Remember Quan Loi
by David L. Bedard

I was very pleased to recently receive a promotional copy of David Bedard's memoir of his Vietnam service in the Artillery Ballistic Meteorology Unit of the 1st Air Cavalry Division from February 1969 to February 1970.   I don't receive many promotional book copies so I was tickled to get this one, but I was even more pleased to see the title, "I Remember Quan Loi - Annus Horribilis - The Horrible Year".  David had served his entire Vietnam service tour in one of our "favorite" places - Quan Loi.  His unit was right next door to Alpha Btry 6/27th Arty and we probably stood in the same mess hall line, although we never met each other while there.

Anxious to read what he remembered about that infamous place where I too, coincidently, had spent thirteen months of my life; much of it at the same time as David, I began reading and I could barely put my copy down.  I was immediately swept up in David's journey that took him to Quan Loi.  A number of times as I read his story I found myself saying - "I Remember that! Yes, I felt the same way, David." 

David's book will be of interest both to  the veteran who spent time in Quan Loi or any other location in Vietnam as well as the ordinary reader who wants to get a first-hand account of what it was really like to spend a year in Vietnam.  David has written that book many of us have thought about writing and he as done a fine job doing it.  I recommend it.

“The Vietnam War had made an impression on my body and soul that would last a lifetime,” Bedard writes in I Remember Quan Loi.  “The war was a life-changing experience for me.”

“I wish that I could forget it,” he writes.  “God knows that I have tried, but I cannot shake those memories both at home and abroad.  Quan Loi and America of that era are forever attached to my mind…”

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