Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City Unit Locations - 1967

Courtesy Don "Sgt Snuffy" Smith

Saigon (Thach Pho Ho Chi Minh - Ho Chi Minh City)        
Grid Zone Designator 48P            
XT63-91, 00-16              
XS63-91, 88-99              
Name but no grid coordinates            
Combat Assault Landing Zones            
LZ, FSB, etc         Grid Coordinates  
1/8th Artillery Headquarters - Cu Chi     XT654154    
An Hoa Hamlet         XT830095    
An Phu Hamlet         XT825080    
Ap Cho           XT70-08    
Ap Tay Hamlet         XS705937    
Armor Command Headquarters Compound     XS838976    
ARVN Compound         XT772069    
ARVN Engineer School       XT808146    
ARVN Outpost         XT820070    
Ba Bop Bridge         XT781134    
Bao Airstrip         XT643050    
Base Area 372    VC/NVA       XS550970 to XS580930
          to XS660930 to XS680910
          to XS710860 to XS710820
          to XS660775 to XS610775
          to XS600730 to XS550970
          to XS550970 to XS550840
          to XS550765 to XS550840
          To XS460970  
Ben Loi Bridge         XS871970    
Binh Duong Sector Headquarters     XT814141    
Binh Nam Area         XT865083    
Camp Davies         XT883985    
Camp Di An 1st ID       XT908078    
Cu Chi           XT630130    
Cu Chi           XT64-15    
Cu Chi           XT657158    
Cu Chi Base Camp         XT647153    
Darkhorse Base Camp       XT862158    
Di An           XT90-05    
Engineer School         XT808146    
Forward CP (4/9th)         XS728963    
Free World Military Assistance Forces Headquarters   XS836909    
FSB All American         XT743002    
FSB Breckenridge B 6/77th Arty     XT70770024  
FSB Breckenridge II         XT707010    
FSB Copperhead         XT808027    
FSB Crocket            XT73-14    
FSB Crocket II B 1/8th Arty     XT746162    
FSB Cu Chi         XT650160    
FSB Danford D 3/13th Arty     XS771990    
FSB Emory         XT702145    
FSB Green         XT768042    
FSB Harrison - Hoc Mon         XT737049    
FSB Harrison B 3/13th Arty     XT73830539  
FSB Phu Van         XT833126    
FSB Pulaski B 1/8th Arty     XT80300512, XT80440499
FSB Pulaski II 1/8th Arty       XT804050    
FSB Putnam B 3/13th Arty     XT521187    
FSB Putnam         XT485173    
FSB Pike IV         XS735940 XS733944  
FSB Scarlet 3/22nd Inf       XT728134    
FSB Villian         XT904023    
FSB Wade 1st Cav       XT732086    
Hoc Mon RF OP         XT76-04    
Hon Mon            XT737049    
Hon Mon Bridge         XT713072 XT712071  
JCS Compound         XS835945    
Lai Thieu           XT86-05    
Marine OP         XS750880    
MSR (Route 1 & 22) from Cu Chi to XT298362        
Muy Lon Hamlet         XT615110    
Newport Bridge         XS873980    
Newport Port USN       XS89-94    
Nghi Xuan Hamlet - Binh Tri Dong Village     XS755906    
PF OP           XT800085    
Phu Cuong           XT81-14    
Phu Cuong         XT805143    
Phu Cuong Bridge         XT803139    
Phu Cuong Bridge         XT81-14    
Phu Lam Site - Maybe Phu LAAM Site     XS785888    
Phu Lan           XS783888    
Phu Loc           XT86-15    
Phu Loi           XT840140    
Phu Loi Base Camp         XT86-15    
Phu Tan           XS783889    
Phu Van           XT88-07    
Pineapple Area         XT66-89/XT62-38  
Pineapple Plantation between Canal #7 & #8   XS643906    
Phu Cuong         XT82-14    
Quan Tre           XS768994    
Rubber Plantation         XS815904    
Saigon           XS815904    
Saigon Bridge         XS892938    
Saigon Race Track         XS815905/XS816902  
Saigon River         XT807085    
Swamp           XS61-79 to XT68-04 to XT53-13
Tam Binh           XT880035    
Tan An Hoi         XT64-12    
Tan Phu Trung         XT68-09/XT67-11/XT695105
Tan Phuoc Khanh         XT88-16    
Tan Tao Nhut         XS730935    
Than Loc Outpost         XT840026    
Thanh Tay Hoi Outpost       XT873935    
Thong Tay Hoi Village       XS822979    
Thu Duc           XS961992    
Thu Duc           XS95-98/XS90-99/XS900995
Tan Son Nhut       XS796850 XS705955 & XT832049
Tan Son Nhut Airbase       XS630930 to XS701910
Vinh Cu           XT68-15    
Vinh Loc           XT735970 XT73-95  
Vinh Loc (7) & (8) vicinity       XS719918    
Vinh Loc Rocket Belt         XS71-98    


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