Loc Ninh Unit Locations - 1967

Courtesy Don "Sgt Snuffy" Smith


Loc Ninh            
Grid Zone Designator 48P        
XU63-90, 00-27          
XT63-90, 99-99          
LZ, FSB, etc         Grid Coordinates
A-331 - 5th SF Camp - Loc Ninh   1965   XU732075
Base Area 350 VC/NVA       XU740170 to XU720200
          to XU760370 to XU860270
          to XU880240 to XU860180
Forward Supply Area & Regimental CP 11th ACR   XU739098
FSB Jan           XU759140
FSB Bill   11th ACR       XU706178
FSB Deb            XU840134
FSB Debbie 2/11th Arty     XU840135
FSB Dick   2/11th Arty     XU74-06
FSB Duffy   1/11th Arty     XU676216
FSB Eunice A 1/21st Arty     XU877185
Opened 4 May 1970 - Closed 27 May 1970      
Opened 27 Jun 1970 - Closed 26 Jul 1970      
FSB George 2/11th Arty     XU773139
FSB Harry 6/27th Arty     XU730085
FSB Jan           XU759140
FSB Knife   11th ACR       XU884185
FSB Lauffer         XU874198
Opened 19 Jul 1970 - Closed 26 Jul 1970      
FSB Marge 1/11th & 2/11th Arty     XU739062
FSB Pat   2/11th Arty     XT68-99
FSB Phu Me 1-5th Cav       XU700115
Closed 3 May 1970          
FSB Sam   3/11th Arty     XU79-12
FSB Sharp 11th ACR       XU854153
FSB Sleeper 11th ACR       XU800123
FSB Tom   1/11th Arty     XU725016
Highway 13 from XT762907 to XU743073      
Highway 14A         XU739098
Loc Hoa           XU754172
Loc Ninh           XU738097
Loc Ninh Airfield         XU731078
LZ Kelly - Loc Ninh 1st Cav Div     XU734088
Rubber Plantation North of Loc Ninh     XU75-16


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