6/27th Artillery Vietnam 1969 Yearbook Photo Galleries
Note:  For ease in viewing pages of the Yearbook are arranged by Battery.  Individual member photo pages have been moved from the end of  the yearbook, where they were actually located, to their respective batteries, so they are included in their respective Battery.
Alpha Battery
Bravo Battery
Charlie Battery
F Battery 16th Artillery
Headquarters & Headquarters Battery
Service Battery
Webmaster's Note:  Many thanks to Jim Hynes of Alpha Battery and Roger Mallory of Headquarters Battery who purchased and saved their copies of this 1969 6/27th Artillery Yearbook.  Both were kind enough to make their copies available to the site.  A special thanks to Roger who scanned each of the seventy-nine pages and emailed them to me.  Please also note, not everyone who was there the day the South Korean Company took photos.  You may have been sleeping if you worked nights or you may not have been notified.


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