The Day the 175mm Gun Tube Exploded - Quan Loi, Vietnam - 1969

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The exact date is uncertain, if you know it please write to us.  In late March or early April, 1969, the tube of Number 4 gun, a 175mm  gun exploded between 1:00 to 3:00 a.m. at Quan Loi, South Vietnam.  Roomer had it one of the crew members threw a t-shirt into the breech before it was closed and then the gun fired.  The long tube exploded! 

Could that have caused the explosion or was it a weak tube?  No one knows for sure and it is possible the command never learned of the t-shirt roomer.**

Fortunately, none of the crew members were seriously injured, but everyone present in the firing battery that night remembers the frightening incident. If they had a camera they took photos the next day and one Cannon King had an 8 mm video camera and he shot video of the after effects.  Certainly, it reminded everyone of the dangerous job of the gun crewman.

Here you will find a written memory, photos and a video of the the incident.

**See Ralph Porter's memories of a similar incident at Bravo Battery.




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