(Click on Red Dots for views from these areas)      Photo by Earl Miller , 195th Assault Helicopter Company, 1970

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Key to Quan Loi Airfield and Forward Support Area Map

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Aerial View Quan Loi Robert Geiger Photo

"a" Quan Loi Tower (Photo Courtesy Charles Womble - Silver Spurs Site) - Warning  Site has Sound

"b" GCA tower

"c" GCA shack,

"d" ATC hooch after 8/68, began as 2 GP Medium tents                   

"e" POL area,

"f" the "Bastards of Quan Loi - Supporting Everyone, Supported by NONE" "hooch area", several GP Medium tents, including the ATC before 8/68, Fire Dept-Crash Rescue, Radio Research, and DustOff layover tents,

"g" Saber Pad and reventments (added 11/68 by 1st Air Cav), (Courtesy of Larry "Chance" Hughes http://northwestvets.com/spurs/page1.htm

"h" Main Gate area

"i" USAF Weather and Aeroport (Photo Credit Unknown from: http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Barracks/3573/scenethumbs.html

"j" FAC reventments,

"k" Ammo dump and Re-Arming

"l" 1st Brigade, 1st Inf Div Hqts. and "housing area".  Eventually 1Cav Hqs.

"m" "Charlie Med", and Medivac 

"n" A/3/17 revetments (Photo Courtesy Charles L. Womble - Silver Spurs Site)

"o"  A Btry 6/27th Arty - 175 and 8 inch Arty 

"The French Swimming Pool"

"p" PX,Club, and Chapel area added 7/68

"Q" the French Villa

"R" VIP Pads,

"S" Officers Club

Note:  Information current as of 1968

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Northeast Area Quan Loi Airstrip R. Geiger Photo

QL Airfield  by Robert Geiger

QL Airfield  by Robert Geiger

Landing Quan Loi Airstrip From NE John Cutright Photo Aerial View East End Quan Loi Airstrip Bill Carruthers Photo

QL Airfield by John Cutright

QL 1972 by Bill Carruthers

QL 1967 William Carr

QL 1995 by Marc Levy

Aerial Quan Loi From West Alan C. Tigner Photo Quan Loi Airstrip April 2004 Scott Krueger Photo
QL 1972 by Alan C. Tigner QL 2004 by Scott Krueger
QL 1972 Rick Harris Photo  

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