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Larry Korteum Shares His Memory of Tet 1968

Lawrence KorteumFifty Years ago to the day, then SP4 Lawrence Korteum, Service Battery 6/27th Artillery shares his memory of that historic day.  It is hard to believe that fifty years have passed since then.  I believe you will find Larry's memory a poignant one and from one of our fellow Cannon Kings.  Perhaps you were there in 1968 and you have your own memories or you had already completed your tour or were yet to begin it, but Tet 1968 was a turning point in the war that warrants remembering.  Thanks Larry for sharing the memory.
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Images of Vietnam - 1969

Chuck Clarke had eight and one half months remaining of his service time when he was shipped to Vietnam.   He spent six of those with Alpha Battery on #4 Gun and as a driver for CPT Hoffman working on 6/27th Arty civic action projects including the An Loc Girl/Boy Scout Troop. His remaining time was with Service Battery hauling supplies in convoy up Hwy 13 to the various 6/27th Batteries.  I think you will find his photos interesting, especially his convoy photos.  Check them out.



Adrian Gravelle's Vietnam - 1965-66

Adrian Gravelle was the FDC Officer with Charlie Btry, 7/8th Artillery in 1965 when he and several other officers were transferred to the 6/27th Artillery in Ft Bliss, TX.  The 6/27th had been recently alerted for movement to Vietnam and needed to fill out its roster and needed officers and cannoneers.   Adrian made the voyage on the USNS General Gordon and shares photos of that trip.

During his initial months in Vietnam he worked out of Phouc Vinh as a forward observer and as a liaison officer in the 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division’s Tactical Operations Center/  In early 1966 he was eventually assigned to Service Battery  6/27th as XO. 


We are pleased that Adrian has agreed to share many of his photos from his time in Vietnam including the building of Service Battery's compound in Long Binh, Service Battery convoy photos as well as miscellaneous other photos and documents from 1965-66.  They are a great addition to the website and add to the history of the 6/27th Artillery in Vietnam.  Our thanks go out to Adrian for sharing his memories from Vietnam.


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