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Vietnam Images from Dennis Camp
Headquarters Battery member Dennis Camp - 1969 to 1970, has contributed over fifty photos of HHB at Quan Loi, Baseball Stars at Quan Loi, Bravo Battery at Song Be as well as photos of An Loc and the 6/27th Artillery Civic Action Projects to list a few. One of Dennis' many duties was to edit the 6/27th Battalion newsletter, "The Cannon-Ear". Dennis has some new and interesting photos in his galleries. Click Here to view his them.
Jim Fillerup HHB & Quan Loi Photos
Jim Fillerup served with Headquarters Battery 6/27th Arty from September 1968 to December 1969. During that time he was wounded twice and was awarded two Purple Hearts. While in Quan Loi, Jim snapped photos of his battery area and the surrounding areas and has been kind enough to share his photo video with the website. Many thanks Jim! Click Here to View.

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